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Breast Milk Jewelry: You Can Do It!

Think of the dream of turning your breast milk into a jewel, a solid, stone-like piece. It will be an eternal reminder of the remarkable moments of your breastfeeding period. Now, think that it is possible to have in hand a kit with all the necessary materials for you to make your own breast milk jewelry.


Get to Know Lackto

Julia Quintana, a pharmacist, developed an exclusive formula for the petrification of breast milk more than two years ago. Faced with this achievement, she founded the company "Pingente de Amor", which has since then produced pendants and other pieces made with mother's milk.

From this experience, the entrepreneur realized that it would be perfect if the pendant could be made in the "do it yourself" version. In other words, it is the mother herself who makes the jewel, in the comfort of her home.

It all started because many mothers asked for the pendant production process to be filmed. They needed to be sure that the jewelry was really made with their own milk.

Then, after obtaining the patent application for the formula, which until then had just been an idea, it became reality.

This is how Lackto, a company parallel to Pingente de Amor, sells a kit with all the items for the making of a piece of breast milk jewelry. It consists of the mold that will shape the final piece and the "magic formula" which will be mixed with the mother's milk, turning it into a jewel as solid and resistant as a stone.


Breast Milk Jewelry - Breastfeeding Eternalized 

Since 2017 we have been helping women to keep a souvenir of breastfeeding forever, which is one of the most important phases in a mother's life, a phase of deep connection with her child. It is an ephemeral period, which passes very quickly and will never come back. The Lackto DIY Kit helps you stop time and take a little bit of that moment forever.


Order the Lackto DIY Kit and Make Your Own Breast Milk Jewelry 

How LACKTO KIT works: you receive our kit at home with everything you need to produce your own breast milk pendant. The Lackto DIY Kit contains: two chemical solutions, a pipette to collect exactly the right amount of milk, a stirrer, a pair of gloves, a silicone mold for the chosen pendant model, and the link to assemble and finish the jewelry. In addition to all the equipment, the kit comes with a step-by-step manual, to leave no doubt about the procedure. Just follow the instructions and wait 48 hours for your breast milk pendant to be ready.