Frequently Asked Questions

1) How many pieces can I produce with one Kit? 

A maximum of three jewels can be made per kit. They should be made at the same time, following the instruction book.


2) Can I save the solution after mixing it with the milk?

No. After mixing the solution with the milk, it is important to place it in the mold immediately so as not to solidify. If you bought more than one mold, you should make all the pendants at the same time.


3) Can I make my jewelry anywhere?

Yes, but preferably do it in a dry and airy place. Always protect your hands with the plastic gloves that come with the Kit, and protect the surface or table where you are making the jewelry.


4) What is the durability of the jewel?

The pendant is eternal. What can change with time is the color, since it is made from organic material. See our Caring for Your Jewelry page for more information.


5) Do I need any special tools or materials to make my jewel? 

Only your breast milk. Everything else comes with the Lackto Kit. 


6) How long does it take for the milk to solidify? 

After mixing the milk with the chemical solutions and filling the mold, let it dry in a well-ventilated place at room temperature for at least 48 hours to remove the pendant from inside the mold. Do not put it in the refrigerator!


7) Is it difficult to understand the step by step instructions?  

No, it is not. In addition to a written description of the entire process, you can watch our video at the bottom of this page and you will see that it's very easy!


8) How do I use the pipette? How do I know the right amount of breast milk  to put in the mixture? 

Squeeze the pipette bulb with your fingers and dip the pipette into the mother's milk. When the pipette is submerged in the milk, release your fingers. The pipette will hold milk to about half the bulb. This is the correct form and quantity of milk required. Don't try to fill the pipette several times. Just once is enough, even if you are making the three pieces which is possible with one Kit.


9) Does the kit have an expiry date? 

Yes. If in doubt, send us a message to find out the validity of the current batch.


10) My milk is frozen, can I make the pendant using the Lackto DIY Kit? 

Of course. We even recommend this practice to moms who are thinking about buying the kit. When you want to make the jewelry, just take the milk out of the freezer in advance to defrost. The mother's milk must be liquid when the jewelry is made.


11) How much milk do I need to make my pendant?

You will only need about a teaspoon. With that amount you will be able to make up to 3 pendants.


12) How do I make my breast milk pendant at home with the Lackto DIY Kit?

Click  here  to watch the step-by-step, or watch the video on the home page of the website.